Divine Healing Center was founded by VRR Dr. Susan Hull Bostwick in 2006 as a spiritual healing center extension of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, following the same principles of spiritual freedom, psychic kindergarten, and with the idea: “heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body”. The vision of Divine Healing Center is to offer a variety of spiritual healings to all people interested in receiving change in their lives. Our gifted professional healers have from 5-35 years professional healing experience and are devoted to their own spiritual paths and ability to heal themselves.
Divine Healing Center is a part of the Church of Divine Healing, a non-profit 501(c)3 spiritual organization. Divine Healing Center is officially affiliated as a Mission of the Church of Divine Man.

The Vision of the Church of Divine Healing is:
To create opportunity to witness spiritual healing as balance, wellness, and communication about the divinity of spirit into the body with unlimited gratitude.

We offer spiritual healings on a variety of levels:  Long Distance Healings, providing MPG recordings, On-Line Reading/healings, Channeling in the trance medium Healing Clinics in person or long distance,  in Berkeley (monthly), Santa Rosa (bi-weekly) and Sacramento (monthly); Extravaganza Healing Events; Healing services at regular Women’s Intuitive Training Retreats (WIT), at health and Vitality Retreats and at Erasure Lectures, each of these events sponsored by the Berkeley Psychic Institute and the Church of Divine Man.
Contact us for questions: 707-542-6680
516 Sonoma Ave. Santa Rosa., CA 95401