Join us on Tuesday’s for  a Your Own Birth (YOB) healing.

About VRR Susan Hull Bostwick

Susan is a Spiritual Midwife who reads and heals as a medical intuitive. She “sees” into the spirit, chakras. the aura. and into the organs and biology of the body. She has been doing spiritual birth readings and classes for more than 30 years having created not only the Spiritual Birth Program of the Berkeley Psychic Institute that serves pregnant families and teaches clairvoyants how to be Spiritual Midwives, but she also co-founded The Marin Birth Center in Marin County, CA as a primary care facility with two out-of-hospital child-birthing rooms run by Certified Nurse Midwives (midwives means “with woman.”)  in the 1980’s. These nurses were also spiritual- clairvoyant- and could assist bringing in the spirit of the child with the mother and its new family. 

Her spiritual counselings are spiritual healings which assist the spirit to heal the body. She reads the aura as well as the energy of the chakras and the energy of the birth itself. 

You ask:

  1. What happened at my birth? What worked? What did not work?
  2. How has my birth experience affected my life?
  3. What energetic or spiritual work do I do to heal myself?

Your sessions with Susan can be In Person/On-Line or by Phone. She sends you an audio recording.

Susan also teaches classes and workshops to facilitate the awareness and consciousness of your own birth so that your own future growth becomes evolutionary and transformational and a re-birthing spiritually into a new parodyme