Healing Package Special 

Sign up for a three month healing package (see below), and receive a “Tough Shit Tarot” deck as a gift from the Divine Healing Center. The “Tough Shit Tarot” is a deck that gives straight forward no holes barred, answers to your questions. It is great for tough questions that need “no nonsense” answers.
Sign up and make your donation for a Three Month Healing Package and receive a complementary deck of “Tough Shit Tarot”. (a $26.95 value)

The Infamous “Tough Shit Tarot” is your next Epiphany about healing yourself .. This Tarot is rude, shoots from the hip and is x-rated. You will love it’s direct answers.

RECEIVE this politically incorrect spiritual gift to yourself or give it to someone needing a swift kick in the astral. SPECIAL SPRING HEALING comes in a box….

How to get a rude awakening? Sign up and donate for a three-month Healing Package… click below. Your Tough Shit Tarot deck will be shipped to you when you sign up for the 3-month package.

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On-Going Trance Medium Healing Package

No need to call or register each week! One month (4 week) healing package includes 1 Trance Medium healings each week, as follows:

  • 3 “Quick” 5 min healings, each week.
  • 1 “Lengthy” recorded healing + reading, sent on the fourth week.
Contribution: $49 a month ($65 value) for four healings.
Also two and three month packages:
$98 contribution for 8 healings including two MP3 recorded readings/healings
$147 contribution for 12 healings including three MP3 recorded reading/healings.
Or a one time long distance Trance Medium Healing for $35.00.  A MP3 recording will be sent to you.