Rev. Alison Stanton

Animal Healings:  My goal is to improve the relationship between animals and humans by increasing their communication. I am astounded every time I do an animal reading by what I learn. There is a lot going on in the animal world, some has nothing to do with humans but a lot is how they are working with us. We evolve in relationship with animals. Hearing what they have to say about the universe is enormously valuable.  A  session, over the phone, can answer so many questions about health, behavior or end of life decisions.

People Healings:   Clairvoyant Readings – I am particularly interested in working with people with chronic illnesses and parenting challenges, two topics about which I have learned many life lessons! Examine your own personal energy, past lives, aura layers, or the energy around a specific question.  Energy Healings – Remove energy that no longer serves you, release trauma energy from this life and past lives, update agreements with relationships that hurt you.  Energy Coaching – Learn basic tools about how to maintain your energetic space. Stay separate from energy that is not your own.

Hour long reading

1/2 hour long reading