Looking for spiritual support that doesn’t take away from your day?

Give yourself 15 minutes a day.

Join us for a live in person meditation M-F at 7:00 AM PST

Gain access to our library of meditations to use when you need them.

Find topics that range from love to money to healing and much more.

Level 1 Contribution: $120.00 a year or $10 a month

  • attends M-F meditations online

Level 2 Contribution: $180.00 a year or $15 a month

  • Attends M-F meditations online  
  • Has access to 1 meditation from the library a week

Level 3 Contribution: $240.00 a year 

  • Attends daily meditations
  • Has access to 120 meditations from the library

For more information please contact Linda at the DHC staff@divinehealingcenter.org