VRR Susan Hull Bostwick

Susan’s 15 Minute Meditation is a quick and easy way to start your day. Click here to purchase

You know you need to Set Your Energy.

You can afford 15 Minutes.

Yoda would agree: just do it. Don’t Try.

It is all about refreshing your Psychic Kindergarten Tools in a no-effort space.

Susan has perfected the meditation process so that all your basic Psychic Kindergarten Tools of the Berkeley Psychic Institute are reviewed systematically, so that you can have the best of the best content of spiritual mechanics working for you immediately.

No drivel, no mushy confusing pictures to negotiate.

She cuts to the chase to get you INTO your space, INTO your sacred bubble and Going Within.

It is a Ready, Set Go meditation that puts your tools in place and yet gives you deep and moving content in a very short time frame.

You have something to chew on mentally while you refresh your tools of protection and releasing negative energy.

This meditation is a reminder that you create your own reality.

This meditation is a practice and exercise in taking your body with you while you manage your own energy with amusement, no effort and self validation.

Validate your meditation space each day for 15 minutes and feel GREAT doing it, knowing you can set your energy your way AND have a topic of deep enough interest and content to keep you growing and transforming as a spirit all day.

You want to be a spiritual energy worker all day and this start to your day is a clear and concise way to keep spirituality active in your social space, your work space and in your private relationship space.

Each topic is dynamic and growth inspiring. Yet totally grounded in the best of the teachings of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

It is Meditation 1 with a twist and a tweak and will keep you mentally alert to how and when to use your psychic meditation tools in your daily life.

Click here to purchase.