• Is this one year program for you?
  • Would you like to lose weight?
  • Would you like to get to the “root” of your overeating? And free yourself from it?
  • Would you like to believe you can have the body you want vs. having the body your genetics gave you?
  • Would you like to believe you deserve to be thin?
  • Is it time to love yourself as you are and create change from within?

Most overweight people are sensitive psychics and healers. We’re going to take that and turn it into your advantage! By using your clairvoyance to see your truth around food and to heal yourself! This one year program is designed to meet your needs as a spirit in your no effort ability to create change with amusement and self validation. It also will validate the body and it’s ability to use psychic tools to feel “safe”. Maybe it’s time to lose weight, have fun doing it, and change your life!

But why a year? Maybe you think it won’t take that long to lose the weight you’d like. But this program is a bigger commitment then just the quick fix. We’re going to get down to the energy or “pictures” that might make us go right back to old eating habits! We will not only work the body “weight” but more importantly the spiritual “weight” you’ve been carrying around!

Psychic Weight Loss Program

To start your program you will receive a counseling from one of our teachers. You will decide what your goal or “mockup” is and how you would like to receive it (example: I want to lose 20lbs, while having fun, and freeing myself of my sugar addiction). At this point you can sign up for the program! You’re on your way!

The next step will be to meet with one of our teachers and go over “The Food Plan”. We offer a nutritious food plan of fresh raw and cooked food. No packaged, precooked, or mystery foods! You will need to weigh and measure! And always listen to your body – you know it best and will need to adjust the food plan to best serve your needs! Consulting your doctor is recommended.

Once those 2 steps are taken you can begin!

We will have once per week meetings on Monday or Thursday from 5:45pm-7pm that will last about 1 ¼ hrs. You can join us in person at 516 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA or online via computer. The meeting will include an opening meditation and eating a meal together, followed by a group talk session where we all get to “brag” or talk about our challenges. After we brag we will have a weekly topic presented by the teacher followed by the exchange of energy checks.

There are no prerequisites for this program. AND it can be taken ON-LINE. Inquire how you can do this!


The Psychic Weight Loss Program is part of the Divine Healing Center and as a student of this program you will receive a discount on all healings and products offered. You may feel like receiving a healing package to help you on your path. The body loves the attention and is more ready to make change energetically when you look after it’s needs. Talk to any of the staff for more details!

What is the program contribution?

The contribution for this program is $1200 for a one year commitment and we have payment plans to accommodate you!

Do you have any questions?

Call the Divine Healing Center at (707) 542-6680 and inquire about a free energy check before joining the program.