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VRR Susan Hull BostwickVRR. Dr. Susan Hull Bostwick

Trance Medium Healings and Readings and Trance Medium Touch Healings

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RR. Renneau Daly-BrewsterRenneau Daly Brewster & RR. Bill Brewster

Trance Medium Readings & Healings on Your Relationship (and other topics!)

bill_dhcClairvoyant Readings on a variety of topics

Hands on Healings FOR MEN ONLY by Bill

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Pat_King_smallRR. Pat King

Appointments: (707) 542-6680

Professional Psychic, 30 Years

Past Lives/Karma Readings /Other Topic Readings/ and Trance Medium Healing’s/ by phone.

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 Rev. Alison Stanton

Animal Healings/Readings and People Healings/Readings.

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Rev. Jennah Synnestvedt

My Services:  Business Healings
Keep your success flowing! Have a business healing to clear energy affecting your services, sales, productivity, partnerships, employees and more!

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Rev. Ross Alexander