Have a healing project?  Want to get past some limitation in your life?  Get a 1, 2, or 3 month Spiritual Healing Package to assist you in getting what you want (better health, more $, love, your name it!)

We have special packages for long distance too! Register here for a Healing Package. Contact staff@divinehealingcenter.org for any questions.

One Month Trance Medium Healing Package

No need to call or register each week! Includes 4 Trance Medium healings each month:

  • 3 “Quick” 5 min healings
  • 1 “Lengthy” 15 min recorded healing + reading.
Contribution: $49 a month ($65 value) for four healings.

Sign up for this unique easy to manage healing package: staff@divinehealingcenter.org

Also two and three month packages:
$98 contribution for 8 healings including two MP3 recorded readings/healings
$147 contribution for 12 healings including three MP3 recorded reading/healings.
Or a one time long distance Trance Medium Healing for $35.00.  A MP3 recording will be sent to you.

Spiritual Technology Healing Package

Appointments available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, noon to 3 pm at 516 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.    Book below or call 707-542-6680.

The Pulse Electromagnetic Field healings — PEMF— is a spiritual technology where a special bed, or pad or pencil is directly in touch with your body to generate healing vibrations all over your aura and into your CHAKRAS.   The operative word is PULSE not static magnetic energy.

WHY?  Potential for pain relief with no drugs/no side effects.  Potential for healing:  wounds, immune system, arthritis, and much more.

Healing Packages available click here

Psychic Weight Loss Program

raspberries_dhcMost overweight people are sensitive psychics and healers. We’re going to take that and turn it into your advantage! By using your clairvoyance to see your truth around food and to heal yourself! This one year program is designed to meet your needs as a spirit in your no effort ability to create change with amusement and self validation. It also will validate the body and it’s ability to use psychic tools to feel “safe”. Maybe it’s time to lose weight, have fun doing it, and change your life!

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Divine Wellness Readings/Medical Intuitive

by VRR. Susan Hull Bostwick
We will look at your spiritual ability to have infinite wellness (health), what your wellness looks like, and how it works with your body. We will facilitate you as you HEAL the energies that interfere with you having divine health on a physical level. This weekly Healing will include a brief  3-5 Minute MP3 reading weekly to assist you in releasing any blocked energies. This healing/reading can be done in person (Santa Rosa) or Absent/Long Distance. $150 donation for one month of once  a week healings. To book a healing/reading register below.