YES! Your animal is talking to you.
Are you listening?

Animals communicate telepathically using pictures instead of words. Take our Series of 4 week classes open to all levels, or one of our weekend workshops, to learn how to tune into that form of communication. Book a reading to communicate with your animal. Or book an animal healing package if you’d like multiple healings over a specific time.

Animal communications can improve behavior issues, check on health conditions, teach about your agreement with your animal, and support animal during its transition to end of life. Animal communications with wild animals can teach us so much about the universe that we humans do not know.

Animal Communications 4 week class
Prerequisite: This class is open to all levels, even if you have never had another course at our center.
February 5th – 26th, 2019 Wednesday, 7pm Pacific Time
Topic: How do Animals Communicate? Sight, Smell, Body, Feelings, Telepathy       $100 per month
1 hour a week
Conducted on line/phone by Zoom
CLICK HERE for more information or call the DHC at 707-542-6680
April Topic: Exploring Animal Health Issues and How is Your Pet Healing YOU?
August Topic: Wild Animal and Livestock Communications.

Private Readings
$200 per one hour session
$350 for two sessions
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Healing Packages

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Animal Workshops
Next Workshop Weekend: TBD
How to read and heal animals.
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