Online Community -Spiritual Renewal Support

What is Spiritual Renewal?

Getting back to the essence of You. Reclaiming your Life Force, passion and positive vision of your life. You receive energetic healing of the body/mind/spirit to reset your life After Birthing. Renew your personal, spiritual and career goals and intentions to a new vibration After Birthing. Gather with like-minded women and families in recovery when vaginal/natural birthing changed to surgery and a different outcome than originally imagined for yourself, your body and your family.

Why is after birth support important?

We heal each other by validating the birth experience and the After Birth Experience.  Women heal women. Sharing of mutual positive experiences composts disappointments, grief, unexpected medical procedures, family issues. Being vulnerable in a safe environment with like-minded women and coming together in self affinity and communion is a powerful healing vibration. You gain back your personal power. Our staff is expert at helping women in neutrality, non-judgement, compassion, teaching techniques for overcoming challenges and deep understanding of the process of changing your life with the addition of a new family member.


When the outcome is in the hands of God/supreme forces beyond our control, we may have confusion as to “Why” this happened. The loss of experiencing a vaginal birth amplifies a huge growth period and baby-loss is devastating. How we create renewal and recovery is important and spiritual counseling can offer tools and techniques to assist you in self healing emotions, disappointments and depression.



  1. ENERGETIC Healings on:
    1. Family
    2. Home
    3. Birth Plan
    4. Wellness
  2. Meditation Classes include
    1. Family Meditation
    2. Women’s Intuition workshops: Claim and own your intuitive self
    3. Group 15 min Guided Meditations: Reset your energy for your day
  3. Spiritual Counseling: INCLUDES
    1. One on One intuitive readings
    2. Family relationship intuitive readings
    3. Partner relationship intuitive readings

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Level 1- One Healing and Spiritual Counseling- $50.00

Level 2- Two Month Package – $100.00

    • 2 Healings over the phone
    • 2 long distance recorded healings
    • Wellness Counseling
    • Family Counseling