What is Trance Mediumship?

Trance Mediumship is a spiritual ability to come and go from our body into others bodies, or let other beings into our body. We start this ability as soon as our mother becomes pregnant with us. We repeat this ability throughout our lifetime. At night when our body sleeps, when we daydream, when we have “out of body” experiences, we leave our body. We experience trance mediumship multiple times daily.

If we are very sensitive to energy, trance medium energy may “feel” overwhelming. Feeling energy is a spiritual ability called clairsentience, in this case the trance medium energy belongs to other beings (with or without bodies). If we do not have psychic tools to protect ourselves or remove this energy from our bodies a couple things may occur:

  1. We leave our body, ultimately not participating much in our physical life. Leaving the body allows us to “get out” of the energy that is in the body that causes us “pain.” We may use drugs, alcohol or even food to assist us in leaving the body. Our body may experience depression or apathy.
  2. We are such capable spirits we “manage” all the trance medium energy coming our way. We usually end up in careers managing many people and their lives. We may experience the need to be “responsible” especially for others. We are healers; moms, doctors, nurses, housecleaners, therapists, CEOs, politicians, etc. We may have a hard time taking care of our own needs because when we do, we become overwhelmed by the other energy we have been managing. Our body may experience guilt.
  3. Our bodies become ill with “dis-ease” from the foreign energy that is inhabiting it. If a foreign energy inhabits a body long enough it disrupts our own energy flow and may manifest into an illness or disease. And yes! These energies run in families. We  may inherit our parents trance medium abilities. They were our first teachers!!

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