VRR Susan Hull Bostwick

VRR Dr. Susan Hull Bostwick

Trance Medium Touch Healer
Licensed Minister

Susan Hull Bostwick was told “You are a Healer,” in her first psychic reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, seminary of the Church of Divine Man. She discovered more about herself as a healer when she began her own self-healing program to cure 18 years of chronic bladder infections, kidney disease, urinary tract and yeast infections. She obtained her ministers license upon graduation from the seminary training program, and she has been on the church staff for more than 40 years.

Today she is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Church of Divine Man and teaches on the staff of BPI. She is Archbishop Emeritus of Church of Divine Man and Archbishop of the Church of Divine Healing, Mission of the Church of Divine Man and offers her services as a Trance Medium Touch Healer. She is Director of the Divine Healing Center, Mission of the Church of Divine Man, and Director of the Oracle Trance Medium Program. Besides her psychic work, Susan has been an elementary school teacher with a California life credential and a journalist graduate of SF State University. She was managing editor of the Psychic Reader Magazine for 34 years until publication ended in 2010. One of her specialties is professional one on one spiritual counseling/reading and healing. She especially enjoys working with women on their spiritual path; she created the Women’s Healing Program of the Church of Divine Man and taught as well as trained staff teachers.

Susan can be reached for individual professional reading and healing appointments at staff@divinehealingcenter.org and (707) 542-6680. Appointments can also be made through the BPI website and Genbook.


Michael Kolack
“Grandma” an 18 year old hen thrived under Michael’s healing hands until she passed over in 2015

Rev. Michael Kolack

Staff Pet Healer, Pet Healing Clinic & Private Appointments

Rev. Michael Kolack has been a life long healer. And a lover of animals. His first job as a youngster was at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo, where he virtually  camped out after school and on weekends just to be near the animals.

“I grew up in the zoo,” he says of his years there. His affinity for animals crosses over to his affinity for people in need of healing. He worked in the VA Hospital for seven years after a stint in the Army as a medic. There he was a jack of all trades from scrub nurse to janitor. He worked with a Nurse Registry where he was frequently asked for by name because of his empathy and gentleness with patients.

His propensity for healing others expanded further into a different professional title when he became a minister and co-director of the Berkeley Psychic Institute of Sacramento. Later he transferred to Santa Rosa where he has been the Staff Healing Teacher at the BPI Mission there for more than 15 years. He was hired because of his clairvoyant abilities and psychic kindergarten teaching style. He has taught several hundred beginning healing students.

Transitioning again, he expanded his professional healing services with animals when he became the Staff Pet Healer of the Divine Healing Center in December 2013.

This completes a cycle of healing from the zoo to the personal pet arena. Michael had several years working with animals at the World of Birds not only breeding parrots but llamas as well. About 20 years ago he became manager of the farm animals on a small Sonoma County Farm where he took care of 280 chickens, 20 goats, 17 sheep, 35 exiotic birds including a blue and gold macaw and a cockatoo. His pride and joy is “Grandma,” an 18 year old hen who lives on the ranch and to whom he gives daily spiritual healings.

His new drop-in Pet Healing Clinic is being held 5:00-6:30 the First Thursday of each month at 516 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. This is the home of the Divine Healing Center. Contact staff@divinehealingcenter.org or phone 707 542-6680 for private appointments to have Michael work with you and your pet.



bill_dhcRt. Rev. William D Brewster III

Trance Medium Reader and Healer, Hands on Healer, DHC Coordinator

Right Reverend William D. Brewster III began his psychic training in 1978 when he began taking classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He is a gifted healer and minister in the Church of the Divine Man and the Divine Healing Center.
William began his life in Santa Barbara, California and moved to the San Fernando Valley as a child. He worked for the federal government for 26 years as a Marine Electrician on both surface craft and nuclear submarines.

William began his psychic and healing training in 1978 when he began taking classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He graduated from the Clairvoyant Training program in 1980. He completed Ministers in Training and Missionary Teachers Program in 1982. He completed the Hands on Healing program in 1989. He is also a graduate of the Oracle Trance Medium Program and is in training in the Trance Medium Teachers Program. He specializes in Hands on Healings for Men Only.

William has been on numerous spiritual pilgrimages: Puerto Rico, China, Egypt, Brazil, Thailand, Tibet, Hawaii, Caribbean, and Greece. He is the Coordinator of the Divine Healing Center. He offers Hands on Healing and Trance Medium Readings and Healings. William lives in the beautiful Hills of Sonoma with his wife Renneau.

William can be reached at the Divine Healing Center at 516 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA., or at (707) 542-6680.


renneau_dhcRev. Renneau Daly-Brewster

Licensed Minister, Trance Medium Healer and Reader

Renneau Daly-Brewster has dreamed of being a psychic and Trance Medium healer since she was a child. When she was 12 years old she visited a spiritualist community with her grandmother and was told she had the Trance Medium gift. As a young child she had imaginary playmates and could see things she was told “were not there”.

She came to the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1980 and completed beginning meditation and healing classes. She graduated from the 2 year Clairvoyant Training program in 1984 as a licensed minister. She completed Ministers In Training, Missionary Teachers, and the Oracle Trance Medium Programs. Renneau is on the staff of the Church of Divine Man. She has been a healer all her life and has learned psychic tools to heal herself and others.

Her specialty is Trance Medium Reading-Healings. She works with higher healing entities to give healings and communication to others so they can begin their own healing process.

Renneau recently retired from the State of California after 30 years as a Certified Recreation Therapist working with individuals with severe developmental and medical disabilities. She enjoys playing the piano and uses music in her life’s work. She enjoys traveling and has been on spiritual pilgrimages to Egypt, Greece, Turkey, France, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, China, Tibet, Thailand, the Caribbean and Hawaii.

Renneau lives in the beautiful hills of Sonoma with her husband Bill. You can contact Renneau at Divine Healing Center, (707) 542-6680.


Pat_King_smallRt. Rev. Pat King

Professional Psychic, 30 Years
Past Lives/Karma /Other Topic Readings/and Trance Medium Healing’s/by phone.

In 1986, Rt. Rev. Pat King began her psychic reading and healing training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Berkeley, California. She completed the 2 year Clairvoyant Training Program, the Women’s Teacher Program, Hands-on-Healing Program, One-to-One Program and then graduate from the 3 year Trance Medium Healing Program.
After retiring as the Advertising Manager for the Psychic Reader Magazine with the Deja Vu Publishing Company, Rt. Rev. Pat has continued as a professional psychic reader with the Deja Vu Psychic Hotline and as a Hands-on-Healer. In 2008, Rt. Rev. Pat joined the staff on the Divine Healing Center of Santa Rosa, California as a professional psychic reader and healer and a trance medium healer and reader.

You can contact Pat at Divine Healing Center, (707) 542-6680.


Alexander Momirov

Traditional Astrology and Astrology Consultation

Alexander was born in raised in San Francisco, California in a house full of items from around the world. He was exposed early on to the religious art of India and Thailand and to the mythological fairy tales of Europe. He grew up listening to classical music and the Beatles, and was fortunate enough to attend a forward-thinking episcopal church in his childhood that carried a rich Eastern aesthetic and musical style. All of these influences were profoundly fertile for Alexander’s imagination, and stimulated a deep desire to investigate religious and artistic truth. A natural inquirer into the mysteries, Alexander developed his analytical capacities in school, which culminated in a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing & Comparative Mythology from New York University.

Soon after graduating he found what he had always sensed existed but had never found in the mainstream school system: a metaphysical map to the cosmos. That map was astrology and the Kabbalah, which are part of the same system. Alexander studied various forms of astrology, beginning with modern pop and psychological astrology, then moving into esoteric or New Age astrology, and finally arriving at traditional astrology, which is the bedrock of them all. Alexander completed astrological scholar Chris Brennan’s course on Hellenistic astrology, and world astrology master John Frawley’s shorter course on Horary astrology, which draws heavily upon the work of 17th century English master William Lilly.

Through his studies Alexander has become conversant in the language of traditional astrology, which has added depth and precision to his work. These studies are ongoing. Alexander believes that the science of astrology can deliver clear, useful information to those who approach it with humility. His is service to help people uncover the structure of their experience as it actually is, and not how they or others might (think they) want it to be. This understanding can awaken spiritual certainty, which is impossible to get when approaching astrology for entertainment. Though Alexander works primarily within the rules set by traditional astrology, he is open to flashes of grace and gnosis that do not immediately fit this framework, and these flashes do often occur when both parties are seeking truth. Thus, in his practice Alexander is two parts astrologer, one part mystic or seer; it is his recipe for a balanced consultation. He enjoys this work tremendously and looks forward to exploring this fascinating terrain with you.