VRR Susan Hull Bostwick

VRR. Dr. Susan Hull Bostwick

Divine Wellness Readings/Medical Intuitive

by VRR. Susan Hull Bostwick 

We will look at your spiritual ability to have infinite wellness (health), what your wellness looks like, and how it works with your body. We will read the energies that interfere with you having divine health on a physical level. This reading will include a healing to assist you in releasing any blocked energies. This reading can be done in person (Santa Rosa) or online, or by phone. $200 donation. To book a reading go the booking section below.

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     TM Touch Healing Divine Wellness Reading

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    I understand by signing up and/or making a contribution for the spiritual services of the Divine Healing Center, Mission of the Church of Divine Man and Church of Divine Healing, I am entering into a spiritual agreement, that all services given to me are of a spiritual benefit, and intangible in nature.I also understand that no promises are being made for any changes to my physical body, auric field or spiritual essence. I understand that I am totally responsible for my own healing process; I indemnify The Church of Divine Man, Divine Healing Center Mission, Church of Divine Healing and Berkeley Psychic Institute of any responsibility as a result of the services I receive. I understand that If I am in pain, I am to see my medical doctor. I understand that these services do not replace medical advice. I attest to the fact I am of sound mind and body in making these statements and applying for admittance for spiritual counseling and spiritual healing.