Trance Medium Training Class

Date: October 4, 2020   Open to Guests!
Theme:  Relationships.
CLICK Here to Register for the Class.  3 to 6 PM, 516 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA  (note:  Note: Due to the “Shelter in Place” mandate, all activities of the DHC will be held On-Line.)  Click here for on line participation.

Do you suspect you are channeling? This Monthly Trance Medium Class is for observation and receiving a communication on your Trance Medium abilities. Located at at 516 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa. 

Trance Medium Healing and Trance Medium Touch offered to attendees. Match the energy and see where you are losing your space to “white” energy, negative forces, and attack beings.   Note:  Because we will be holding the class on=line, TM Touch will be Channeled will be in your own home. Experience this new on line healing.

Introduction to The Oracle Trance Medium Program and Refreshments offered. Arrive early to run your energy and meditate.