A Dog Heart Healing Miracle By Alison Stanton

By Alison Stanton, Animal Communicator Divine Healing Center

Every night Gabby grabs her toy named Fish and goes to a certain room to suck on Fish. She always brings it to bed with her humans.

I asked Gabby what she was feeling when she sucked on the Fish toy. “Worried,” she answered.

I asked to tell mean what her puppy life was like. Gabby told me that she had four siblings, and they nursed happily with her mother dog. Her humans were loving and nice to her mother dog. All was good.

But then suddenly, the humans own baby died. Gabby’s mother dog was very worried about her humans. Mother dog was stressed, her milk tasted different, she was very busy healing and supporting her human family.

The humans decided in their grief they couldn’t handle the litter of puppies anymore and surrendered the litter to a humane society. The puppies were too young to be weaned, but they survived.

At this point in the psychic reading, Gabby jumped off her human’s lap and asked to be on my lap. The human said “Gabby never asks to be on other people’s laps!’ I asked Gabby if she wanted a psychic healing and she said “Yes! Please!”

As I gave Gabby a healing I was strongly compelled to put my hand on her heart.  I had a sensation of warmth, and a magnetic pulling between us. Suddenly a heavy weight dropped quickly out of my own body, down to the center of the earth.

All three of we humans present sighed at that same moment. Gabby instantly turned and licked me all over my face in gratitude.  It was a miracle of releasing pain from her heart.

Gabby had still been connecting to her mother dog from a distance, trying to help her mother heal the humans after the baby’s death. Gabby felt that Gabby had to help and heal her mother dog so that the litter would survive, a feeling so desperate to her survival that even years later as an adult dog she still felt the need to keep healing. It seemed also that Gabby’s current human daddy also had some similar issues that he was still working with in his heart, and Gabby was helping him with that.

A few weeks later, I heard from Gabby’s current human daddy:

“Gabby seems to be in a very nice place — very playful & perhaps a calmer. Hard to say because my wife is traveling today. But she was very, very noticeably different right after we left your healing. I think we all experienced something amazing there. Thank you for that!”