Silent Healing Church Service / Tonal Music

Date:  Friday, February 14 , 2020 –  7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

The “silent healing service” includes receiving Tonal Chakra Healings and then meditation ends with a sixth chakra opening and blessing from a Bishop of the Church.  This completes your church service healing experience.  Join us for refreshments after the service.
Normally the Silent Healing Church Service is held the Second Friday of the Month.  

Healings may include Trance Medium, table Hands On Healing or Supreme Being Chair healing, along with Whole Tones Chakra Tuning music and a brief sermon/meditation by the Pastor of the Church of Divine Man and staff.

Refreshments and social hour at 8:00pm

  • Location: Divine Healing Center, 516 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa, 95401
  • Prerequisite: Open to All
  • Offertory: Free Will Donation.