We are ladies in waiting..Bros in the Hood.

red rose

I have been meditating on “the wait,” and seeing the frustration, discouragement and demands upon our energies as we contemplate the next step in our evolvement as spirits in human bodies on Planet Earth.

We are meditating upon all of this.

We may stress, fuss and go into fury. But those are the negative forces we fight each night; black hats, evil beings and lizard people of the illuminati and the cabal grasping for straws now to keep a toe hold on our slave mentalities.

It is our job to learn to erase. Cancel. Destroy with powerful psychic tools the forces that would take us to the dark side, even for fleeting moments.

We simply can not afford these vibrations to exist inside our chakras, our cells, tissues, and our auras.

Our job is to utilize these psychic tools of destruction; we must. That is how we gain all our creative juice back, return to the cause vibes. That is the how of it all; if one wants creativity as a spirit in human form, spiritual freedom where No One is in your head, then one must Act.

I AM. I am the light I am.

We are spiritual sis-Stars and Brothers in the Hood together.

Grounding, Centeredness in the middle of the clairvoyant center, being at a gold vibe, utilizing psychic protective devices, Blowing Roses and Running Life Force Energy consciously along with Gold Suns of the Higher Self are the tools of the Spiritual Warrior seeking Freedom.

All Spiritual Freedom Seekers are Freedom Fighters.

Wishing and blowing dandelions is not enough. OMing and being at One with The One is not enough. Tough self Love of intentions to annihilate—erase—that which would destroy you is essential. Now.

God, the Supreme, the Angels, will not do it all for you if you stand by watching, wishing for the dios ex machina, the white knight, the white hat on a white horse, Hans Solo and Princess Leia.

Spiritual support is yours.

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