Sermon for Berkeley Church Service

VRR Susan Hull Bostwick

Warning:  This Blog is a Sermon.  Ground.

 John 14:12 – Very truly I tell you, whoever believes – Bible Gateway

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am.


Firsts of all do you believe in Jesus? The Son of God, the Lord, The God-force, The Supreme being, The Cosmic Connection, The One. What do you think about or see, hear or know when you hear these words? Does it make you want to Blow a Rose? Or blow your Nose?


We are talking here about being a facilitator of miracles, one who inspires the human spirit to make dramatic changes to heal the human body. Jesus knew from where his power came. He knew the Source.


He said you can raise the dead, make the blind to see, the lame to walk, the deaf to hear and the mute to speak. Really?  You can walk on water? He said these things by doing them and saying that you can too.


WE ponder these as the ultimate measure of our faith.


When we went on a CDM Pilgrimage to the Philippinies in the 1980’s Josephine Sisson, the Psychic Surgeon in a mud hut in Pangasinan Provence, had a sign on her thatched roof chapel: “I am only the instrument: God Does all the Work.”


This is one of the keys. The God force does all the work. Then what are you?

The Hindus say as their traditional “hello” greeting: Namaste.  It means the God in me says hello to the god in you.


Where is the God in you? Does it manifest miracles?  Are you the one healing, or is it another higher source?


We are here today to manifest miracles because of Namaste. When we Ground, become centered and vibrate our energy at Gold, we match Namaste, we match “What I can do you can do and greater things than these shall you do….”


There is no dogma in the Church of Divine Man. Except for three things: Be On Time, No Dope and You Be Nice to Me, I’ll Be Nice to You. The rest is all about how to use a Tool.

It is Spiritual Mechanics 101.


Our Founder would open the door and let you in to any one of our sacredly held spaces of learning. He did not take you into a private room, shut the door and give you a sermon, an orientation on the greatness of BPI. He sat you down and let you see, hear, know and experience psychic phenonema at work. Immediately. Now.  He said: “Can you create a Rose out in front of you?” There was your first lesson. FREE. IN the doorway. Namaste, he taught us by simply doing the thing Jesus said you could do. He never even mentioned Jesus, except in church. Recovering fundamentalist christians, catholics, jews, ashram goers, athiests and agnostics who were super sensitive to spirit, ended up on his doorstep. They did not want a guru; they wanted answers and TOOLS.


This sanctuary for spirit is about doing it. Tools. Here let me show you….now you do it. Here is the tool; so go to work.


Today, 44 year after I stepped into the doorway of the BPI, I more fully understand what he was trying to teach us. Don’t preach, Do. Or as Yoda says: Don’t Try; Just DO.


Our world needs psychic healers, counselors, teachers more than ever before. We need the tools and we need to put them to work. We are about to learn the nature of alien beings and how they have been inhabiting this planet for eons. ET’s are not a recent phenomena. It has all  been hidden and shall be revealed to all mankind , no longer kept secret in the CIA or government agents,  but brought out in the open in the near future. To handle this information many people will need the talents of the graduates of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.


My dream is to see these graduates become exemplary examples of our Founder’s teachings, grounded in all the Psychic Kindergarten tools and be practicing psychics healthy in body mind and spirit. Guides for those who have not raised their consciousness to the presence of  alien forces, the presence of energies and intentions that may NOT  serve the highest good.

And to see our Archbishop and President of CDM, VRR DawnRose Thistlethwaite expand these teachings world wide even further than has been done: Gratefully, It is already happening.

Last week, I was honored to have a professional counseling with a psychic from Brazil. He is a great great great grandchild of BPI. That means his teacher was a student of a student of  student of a student of Lewis. He was yearning to know “Who was this man called Lewis?”


Well fortunately you do not have to look very far: THIS MAN is embedded in the teachings of BPI—if you want to know who he was, learn his curriculum, Just DO it, own the Tools and go forth and help others. Be a master of your own destiny, a captain of your own soul. Next year I hope to be a part of a celebration that commemorates his work, as he would be 100 years old May 30, 2018.


Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to my Father..