What is Divine Healing?…….by susan hull bostwick

When someone walks into the Divine Healing Center in Santa Rosa, she enters a foyer with a word–“Sanctuary”– painted on the wall, with candles, a sign-in computer, green plants and a chair next to a WELCOME sign.

There is a rack of old Psychic Reader and Psychic Life Magazines from the 1980’s and early 1990’s;  bundles of them are tied in a red bow for the taking. They represent the concepts, ideas and teachings of the Berkeley Psychic Institute played out in everyday life of everyday people. Some authors are well known. Most are not.

According to our friends in traditional religions, Psychic Kindergarten, psychic healing and psychic protection tools are bad words: they do not mimic the lingo of judeo-christian society. They harass it. When the religious status quo is disturbed, it comes on like a bear. Tear down what is seemingly anathema to The Word, The Way and accepted “christian” talk, sermons and thinking.

Are we learning as a society to appreciate our differences, accept The Force and The Prime Directive? We need to. Our services as  a Mission of the Church of Divine Man and its seminary workshop, the Berkeley Psychic Institute, have been offered in an affiliate status since 2006. We speak the same language and associate with the same spiritual light workers, astral teachers and students of clairvoyance and psychic healing.

Take Jesus, for example. Or Mother Mary. Both appear frequently in our spiritual healing work. When Jesus said: What I can do, you can do….. and greater things than these shall you do,” he wasn’t kidding.


The Divine Healing Center channels saints and angels with the permission of the Supreme Being. As all healing is self healing, the DHC-channeled beings work with you as a spirit and with your spirit guides. We facilitate; we do not do anything.

We channel divine light.You do all the work. The by-word taught to us by the Berkeley Psychic Institute is: Heal the Spirit and the Spirit Heals the body. We talk to the spirit. Come on in.