VRR Susan Hull Bostwick

My Story:  “Oh, that’s just your imagination,” the mother said as the four-year old told her a story about fairies, princesses and monsters running all over the room. Upon hearing the lady speak, the child immediately shut down and stopped communicating what she saw in her world. This began the child’s process of integrating into society what is proper to see and talk about and what is not proper to see and talk about. Twenty years later she began all over again as she released the invalidation of that moment to re-capture the imagination as a specific and active spiritual tool for manifesting a new and different reality.

Opening Meditation and Prayer:

As we read and meditate on “Imagine” we allow the cosmic and earth energies to flow through our bodies opening the doors through which we become more aware of our spirituality and increase our communication with the god of our hearts.

Let us Pray: May it be with the blessings of the Supreme being that whatever happens during this reading and meditation on “Imagine” will benefit each of us in our spiritual growth awareness and understanding. Amen.

Imagination, someone said is more important than academic performance. Let’s “Imagine” there is no time, no space and no distance as we meditate. Let’s be at a Gold vibration and Ground the body to the Center of the Planet. Notice how quickly you can “go to gold.” Pause and observe the spiritual mechanics starting to work. Just mentioning the word “Imagine” creates magic. Release energy down the Grounding Cord and watch the unnecessary energies leave your body. Create a modicum of amusement as you notice something missing from your space: other people’s energy. Be amused. Put a large red Protection Rose at the edge of the aura to signify “stop here.” Set your boundaries solidly and firmly with a specific message on your red Protection Rose. Maybe it will say, that you have psychic tools to unceremoniously remove someone from your space (ah-ha, the bouncer is on duty!). Breathe deeply and be amused. Blow Roses to continue to send out the message that you are not to be disturbed and tidbits of demand energy will be destroyed upon contact. This is your psychic protection at work for you. Own that you have created these spiritual mechanisms to make you safe and secure within your own space.

We all start our conscious awareness of energy and utilizing energetic tools to transform our lives by first using the imagination. (Some people “see” things from birth and never lose it—most of us need to re-create our ability to see clearly by releasing all the negative programming that says that you need to stop fantasizing, stop imagining things!) We “Imagine” a large red Protection Rose as it becomes a real piece of energy set in front of our noses. Breathe deeply and Blow Roses. When we first started to use the Blowing Roses tool, we had to “Imagine” the Rose exploding, disintegrating or fading away to become innocent particles of stardust. Once we could imagine such a thing, we made it real. Notice when you have Blown Roses during a conversation with someone and the energy dramatically changed! LOL. That is real. When we enter the sanctuary within we access all sorts of right brain activities that we may have left dormant for years: acting on hunches, making a business decision that no pie chart can validate. Begin now to Run Life Force Energy all throughout the body, calling upon Earth Energy and calling upon Cosmic Energy to come into you and mix and flow together up the front of the body and out of you. This process of learning this spiritual technique took being able to “Imagine” the energy lines pulsing, vibrating and being alive. Then—bingo—it happened like magic. Running Energy becomes easier and simpler over time and for some it can become automatic. Breathe deeply and Blow Roses. The cleansing energy of Running Life Force Energy can be as habit-forming as taking a daily shower. If the energy-body has old, foul patterns of activity that belong to parents, other family members, or high school friends, then these energies begin to creep into the cells of the physical form. We then begin to act, not from our own true self that is hidden, but from a programming that is superimposed upon us. We have to “Imagine” ourselves out of this behavior, out of this pattern that does not even belong to the true self. Breathe deeply and Blow Roses.

Imagination starts at the Center of the Head. This is our clear-seeing center, the place where we manufacture pictures and mental images. It is the place where some can see their own actions in present time or can see what energy looks like in others, or what is manifesting in the future for themselves. Breathe deeply. Blow Roses. This is a psychic screen similar to a TV screen set in front of the nose right at the edge of the aura. It is a picture-making machine and a picture accepting machine. Pictures other people put in your space can be down-loaded to the TV screen and watched there, admired there and destroyed by your Blowing Roses tool there. LOL. Be amused. When you can “Imagine” all these things happening, you start to create your own reality right Here and Now in Present Time. You are becoming your own change-agent and becoming the captain of your own soul. Be Centered. Poke yourself in the Center of the Head near the pineal gland that lies behind the pituitary gland. This is near the analyzer of the brain so that you can see something and analyze it in a nano-second and decide to keep the picture or Blow Roses to get rid of it energetically, or release it down the Grounding Cord.

These are spiritual mechanics that fully support you having an active imagination. These tools assist you in managing the comings and goings of energy in your space. Blow Roses. When you “Imagine” gone are the negative, invalidating forces, and the guided missiles heading your way, then you are managing your own energy, not being effect. You are being cause.

Meditation can give you the edge on others who would try to control you: parents, friends, co-workers, the government, advertisers, marketing ploys, and sales schemes. LOL. Blow Roses and breathe deeply. You can “Imagine” all you can be and have exactly what you “Imagine”. When you “Imagine” negative energies having higher priority than your own positive spiritual juices, or you “Imagine” low havingness controlling your energy level, your relationship space, or even your finances, then that is what manifests. “Imagine” what you want to manifest for your Highest Good.

When we “Imagine” that we close down our Lower Chakras of survival, dramatics, and power games, we are taking firm control of our vital electro-magnetic field and what vibes we are putting out. When we re-configure our energies into the Upper Chakras of clear hearing, clear seeing and knowingness, we are managing our vital body-mind-spirit into a higher consciousness and havingness. This quickly becomes real when you use spiritual mechanics right now in Present Time. Be amused as you own the process you are experiencing. Breathe deeply and Blow Roses.

Create a Mock-Up Rose for what you want to “Imagine” you will become when you grow up! Or maybe “Imagine” what you are becoming now into next week! LOL. Be amused and breathe deeply. Blow Roses. “Imagine” having high havingness for whatever you want to become next. Show your Mock-Up Rose to the Supreme Being. Pause. Listen. Watch. Notice the response you get. Be amused. Bring in a large Gold Sun of your Highest Creative essence. Have fun as you “Imagine” being all you can be. Amen.


Create your day at the vibration of Psychic Freedom Creates no ideologies. Have your own truth for yourself without any of the gods of yesterday or today in your face, in your space, dictating what truth is for you. Own your own truth, your own growth periods and enjoy having a growth period, a space of knowing you are filled with transformational information, transformational experiences, ahhh-ha’s, and epiphanies, awareness of your own information and truth. Listen to your own inner voice and set your energy today at having your own truth. May you go with god as you have your day your way. Amen.


We believe in limitless space, timeless endurance, never ending acceptance, everlasting patience and continuous comprehension. What if a man gain the whole world and lose his own soul, asks Jesus. To a mystic with eyes turned inward to infinity and cosmic consciousness, his words have great meaning. Psychic Freedom creates no ideologies, no isms, no dissenting philosophies which divide, corrupt and destroy communication between human souls.

No governments are upturned, no faiths cut down by the sword, no sects or types eliminated; only a one-to-one contact between the cosmic and a living soul, which flames quietly, bringing a lifetime of contentment and a realization that nothing in this world is worth exchanging for that attainment. Amen.



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— Susan Hull Bostwick