Living Your Passion

Susan Hull Bostwick

I love teachers. I love nurses. Here’s why: They are givers and healers. They have a passion that can not be destroyed. They are committed to their passion–even sometimes obsessed. 
People who are obsessed with their work have a special spiritual energy… is inviting, inspiring and even alluring. It makes you feel like you want to rub elbows with them, be inside their auras, feel what it is like to have that kind of energy. But of course, we do not go there…..we do not invade their space.

But we WANT something they have and we are deeply affected by them. This is not competition but desire. Our desire for boundless energy just like theirs to go go go for what we want to have or do or produce or experience next is embedded in that vibration. We want the skill that refuses STOP energy to be put in our space, that keeps us centered and driven. This skill does not allow anyone or anything to interfere with our creative juice flowing, moving in a forward direction.

Does this vibrate with you? Have you admired a special person and wanted to emulate him or her? You observed them progress and obtain a degree of happiness in their striving so the attainment was seamless, effortless, as if someone just handed theme their mock-up, their postulate. Yet, intuitively you know this is not entirely so. None had a silver spoon in their mouths. Yet, there was a magic, even miracle energy all about them.

I have watched people like Lewis Bostwick,Tony Robbins, Kevin Trudeau, businessman Ross Perot, Suzi Orman, Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa,  and wondered what magic they possess that creates the kind of energy that drives them. Look at the bios of Mumia Abu Jamal, Julian Asange, Author Chris Hedges. They are not frenetic. Many of these driven souls are even slow moving. The difference is that they move. Forward. Always in a positive direction toward their passion. They seem to live it,  Breathe it, Inhabit it.

Have you figured it out? What is it that makes them tick so differently than others?

It is the wealth gene. It is  ancestral genetic engineering on a spiritual plane that is passed down from incarnation to incarnation. They brought it with them and they intuitively KNOW the law of attraction. What they think about all day is what they manifest. That is the effortless aspect of their energy.They work hard, maybe even harder than most, but in little effort and  laughing. Who are these people that they think they can just be happy all the time? They are happy and they think. They just THINK about it. And voila! Their passions manifest in real time.

Yogi Berra was one of these.

I want to be like Yogi Berra. Smart, goofy, talented, loveable, gregarious, wealthy in spirit and in things. Everybody LIKED him. Thank you Yogi. You made a lot of people happy and me, I’m just learning about you and being grateful another great human being came and went so those of us left can still dream. Dream that we can have that kind of spiritual energy.

Why do I call myself The Psychic’s Psychic? Tune in to DHC Newsletter Blog next month to find out.

Blessings on your journey.


P.S.: The Opportunity Goddess is haughty and does not tolerate too much procrastination.